Chardonnay Boisé IGP Val de Loire


THE COLOUR All the richness of this splendid CHARDONNAY shine in its colour.  Pale at the beginning, the wine became gradually gold during the maturation in barrels.


THE WINE Generous and charming at the same time, the vanilla wooded taste do not wrap the floral aromas. By tasting, the smooth bouquet of fresh butter and dried fruits reveal all the density and depth of the chardonnay aromas.


VINIFICATION The fermentation was in new oak barrels and the maturation till September 2001 was in the same barrels.


SERVING SUGGESTIONS Chardonnay and fish is just the classic way to taste it.
You will have a splendid harmony between this rich white wine and white meats.
Just try calf sweetbread, white pudding with apples, calf or poultry ragout, chicken and coconut curry, escalope…The meeting wine/meat will be rich and deep.