The Motheron family have been wine growers since at least 1750 and today are using the many generations of experience gained to produce outstanding wines at the Domaine de Flines at Martigné-Briand in the Loire Valley.
Situated on clayey, chalky ground, with a south facing aspect, the Domain is  established on 50 ha of prime Anjou terroir.


The Domain is planted with all the traditional classic grape varieties of the region – Chenin  blanc, Cabernet, Grolleau de Cinq Mars, Grolleau Gris, Chardonnay.

Well organised and modern cellars allow the production of wine from many styles of vinification from traditional to carbonic maceration and of course, all the wines are bottled on the Domain.

The range of wines produced varies from white and rosé to red and from Vins de Pays to Appellation Contrôlée.

Conservation of our products is subject to our attention. Some wines are aged in oak barrels,

and other according to their nature are bottled at the Domaine, Spring following the harvest.