The work of the vineyard

Wine growing is a demanding job that has to adapt gently and in a common sense way to the latest methods and techniques.

Wine is the outcome of a year’s work that follows the life cycle of the vine step by step.



Pruning is done up till March.

Pruning strengthens the vine and determines the quantity of grapes it will produce.

Before pruning the wire cables supporting the shoots are removed.

New cycle

The vine is beginning its new cycle : the sap rises in the branches and “bleeds” through the “wounds” made when pruning.

Thanks to a close scrutiny of the land and weather conditions, as well as treatment of any diseases that we think may develop, we obtain a wide range of high quality wines.


Harvesting is done by hand and by machine, but always taking great care not to squash the grapes, and to get them to the production unit as quickly as possible to avoid oxidation.


By vinification we mean the various stages required to transform the grape juice, or the must, into wine. It is a complex process that offers various possibilities for the creation of all sorts of wine.

It is therefore vital to be able to control the process (otherwise we would end up producing not wine but vinegar), in order not to jeopardise either the health of our clients or the quality of the wines we make.